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JEAN LUTZ Instruments a solution for each foundation technique

Providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled

Data Logger

Versatile there is a configuration for each application.

Designed in house, they fit to your machine


JEAN LUTZ is able to provide all the sensors you may need. 

We will to connect to existing sensors.

Depth sensors, rpm sensors, pressure sensors, flowmeter, wireless ...

Smart Sensors

Mainly dedicated  to the control of the verticality while drilling. Wirel


Data reporting software in-house designed and developed to meet your specifications.  Online versions, customization possible. Reports that underline your work.

Data logger

Data loggers and their Applications


The must have. Works for all applications.

The DIALOG is the number 1 JEAN LUTZ data logger. It has a program for each jobsite you are in. 

Change program in one click. Almost every sensor is connectable.

Connectable to the internet, it will allow you to follow the operations from your mobile, tablet, laptop


Grouting data logger. Grout Pressure Volume

The DPV is specially designed to monitor the low-pressure grouting application. Focused on this application it can record pressure, flow, volume and take control over the pump to reach the minimum.


Monitoring 12 grouting pump and grout fabrication

The CINTAC is specially designed to monitor large low-pressure grouting job site. It is able to monitor 12 grouting pumps and grout fabrication. A unique product


A big JEAN LUTZ success, its robustness keep it still young.

Jetgrouting, drilling parameters, stone colums... 

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JEAN LUTZ developed an application for each foundation technique taking the instrumentation state of the art to your application.

  • Grouting: pressure, flow, volume, control of the pump, automation of the injection process.

  • Soil-mixing: mixing parameters, grout information, control of the pump, control of the machine

  • Auger Cast, Displacement Piles 

  • Jetgrouting

  • Verticality control

  • Slurry wall

  • Drilling Parameters

  • Stones columns: volume, time, intensity

  • Driven Piles: number of strokes, energy, number of strokes by foot, 

In house sensors

Smart Sensors


A smart sensor acts as (and is) a small computer 


Deviation of the mechanical grab. Slurry wall.


Designed for verticality control of Kelly piles, auger cast, soil mixing.


Deviation of boreholes (jet grouting)

Smart Sensors

Reporting Software

Auger Cast Report
Page settings customization
Curve depth time
Global view of the job sites.
View of the entire shaft
Online data processing
Access to the Raw data

In house built software, we are continously adapting our software to your projects, requirements ...

Data Reporting
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