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Providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled

JEAN LUTZ has been developing and improving monitoring systems for Jetgrouting for over 20 years. Signature equipment from sensors to software, all made in house. System is continuously upgraded to fit the latest practices and requirements. Taking control over the machine, the DIALOG will allow you to guarantee the best quality.


  • Depth, moving speed

  • Rotation speed and rotation torque

  • Specific Energy (installation effort)

  • Grout pressure

  • Grout flow and volume

  • Air Pressure and Air flow

  • Control of the machine for the extraction (continous or step by step)

  • Control of the rpm for shaped jet

Signature TIGOR sensor:

  • Installed above the monitor (below in some cases)

  • True deviation of the hole

  • Hundred of thousands of holes measured


  • DIALOG takes control over the machine to apply the correct lifting speed, manage station time, rotation speed and angle.

Grout volume:

  • Stroke counter based on pressure spikes on the grouting line (measure on the machine)

  • Stroke detector on the pump with wireless transmission to the machine

  • Flow meter on the input of the pump with wireless transmission

Over the Air- Signature JEAN LUTZ Vision:

  • Remotely follow the screen of the data logger from your cell phone, tablet or laptop

  • Enjoy JEAN LUTZ cloud: data automatically saved on JEAN LUTZ server and can be retrieved, processed at any time

  • Wifi capable

  • Bluetooth capable

Specific data reporting software:

  • Quick and easy quality data reports

  • JEAN LUTZ cloud can automatically generate reports

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